Are Clean Energy Project Risks Increasing Too Much?

[from Green Power]

How sure are you of your revenue model for a clean energy project? How well can you predict the performance of a renewable energy project? Are you sure you have got the optimal financing and balance of debt? How well have you mitigated the risks?

Competitive Tendering

In many countries around the world the introduction of competitive auction processes and tenders has seen a renewed focus on squeezing down costs to win bids. Understanding these tenders and auction processes is essential to ensuring you achieve success. For this reason we are very pleased to announce the launch of a new, unique course on Competitive Bidding for Renewable Energy Project Tenders. How low can project costs go? What are the risks in operating at low margins?

As renewable energy technology costs continue their downward trajectory they become an ever smaller part of the overall costs for the full life of a clean energy project. Focus is shifting to the other key variables and significant cost components. After technology the next key attribute is finding a quality resource and accurately (and locally) ensuring a high quality resource assessment.

Cost of Finance

After resource the next key variable is the cost of finance. From a recent Green Power poll and survey over 67% of respondents indicated the cost of finance as one of their top 3 mission critical variables. Indeed some market participants are increasingly being left bemused with how rivals are able to achieve lower prices. Given everyone gets similar technology and projects are sited in similar resource profiles then the single greatest source of competition is access to the best financing. At the Green Power Academy we have tailored a number of excellent courses to help build knowledge and ensure the industry makes well informed and accurate decisions and you get your financial modelling right.

Improve yourself and improve your decision making capability

We, at Green Power Academy (Green Power's little sister) are very pleased to help build capacity and ensure that you really invest some time into developing yourself, your ability to ask the right questions of your suppliers/partners and make well informed decisions. For the remains of 2016 we have courses right across the world in London, Mexico, Singapore, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Miami, Johannesberg and Dubai.

For 2017 we are launching a whole new range of indepth, highly focused, fresh courses and workshops to help accelerate the transition to the new energy paradigm and ensure the shift is as pain free as possible. If you have some other areas of knowledge or skills that you wish to improve then please flag them in the comments below or confidentially email me directly at nadim.chaudhry at